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Paint Stripping & Graffiti Removal

Paint Stripping / Removal

A team of highly qualified and experienced professionals specializes in removing paint from residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Lead-based paint from your property, we adhere to strict protocols in order to ensure your safety, the safety of your family, and the safety of your employees. Offering indoor and outdoor paint stripping services in Melbourne, we are dedicated to providing high-quality services.

If the correct solutions are applied and water pressure blasting is used, graffiti or paints can be removed from bricks, concrete, or metal surfaces.

Master removes old paint from concrete wall with heat gun and scraper. Closeup
remove graffiti

Graffiti Removal

In order to remove graffiti from any surface, we need to let the application sit for a short time to allow the materials to agitate, then we need to jet the surface with low pressure and repeat the same procedure until the surface is back to normal. Every surface has different types of solutions that we can use.

Upon request, we can also apply protective coatings.


Commercial, industrial, and residential clients may rely on the company for prompt and professional graffiti removal services. To provide prompt and professional graffiti removal services, the company uses the latest technology and environmentally friendly products. 

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